Neurotechnology License Activation Options

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The components are copy-protected. The following license activation options are available:

Serial numbers are used to activate licenses for particular MegaMatcher components on particular computer or device. The activation is done via the Internet or by email. After activation the network connection is not required for single computer license usage.

 Notes: Activation by serial number is not suitable for iOS and ARM-Linux, except BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi 3. Activation by serial number is not suitable for virtual environments.


Internet activation. A special license file is stored on a computer or a mobile/embedded device; the license file allows to run particular MegaMatcher components on that computer or device after checking the license over the Internet. Internet connection should be available periodically for a short amount of time. A single computer license can be transferred to another computer or device by moving the license file there and waiting until the previous activation expires.


Volume License Manager. Licenses may be stored in a volume license manager dongle. The license activation may be performed without connection to the Internet and is suitable for virtual environments.   Volume license manager is used on site by integrators or end users to manage licenses for MegaMatcher components in the following ways:


Activating single computer licenses – An installation license for a MegaMatcher component will be activated for use on a particular computer. The number of available licenses in the license manager will be decreased by the number of activated licenses.


Managing single computer licenses via a LAN or the Internet – The license manager allows the management of installation licenses for MegaMatcher components across multiple computers or mobile/embedded devices in a LAN or over the Internet. The number of managed licenses is limited by the number of licenses in the license manager. No license activation is required and the license quantity is not decreased. Once issued, the license is assigned to a specific computer or device on the network.

Using license manager as a dongle – A volume license manager containing at least one license for a MegaMatcher component may be used as a dongle, allowing the MegaMatcher component to run on the particular computer where the dongle is attached.

Additional MegaMatcher component licenses for the license manager may be purchased at any time.

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