License Deactivation Process

Modified on Fri, 02 Jun 2023 at 11:50 AM

This process is required when needing to transfer PC locked Licenses 

In order to deactivate a license for reuse, Neurotechnology requires a deactivation.ID that can be generated by following the steps below. If for some reason you are unable to access the machine a license is attached to, you will need to provide a letter requesting the licenses to be deactivated along with the reason why you were unable to run the deactivation process. Letter MUST contain official company letter head and a signature.

Deactivation Process: 

1) Windows: Please run "id_gen.exe ". The path is Neurotechnology/VeriFinger/bin/win32_x86/Activation/id_gen. If you have issues finding the path, you can figure out your path by pulling up services. Below are instructions to get to services: 

  1. Click the start button
  2. In the search box type services or services.msc
  3. Search for Neurotechnology right click and select properties 

        This will show you the path where the id_gen will be located

2) Open a cmd window.

3)  Next, on the cmd line, type CD "path to id_gen folder" and hit enter.

Example: "cd "Program Files (x86)\Neurotechnology/VeriFinger/bin/win32_x86/Activation" 

4) You may drag id_gen.exe into the cmd window or type out "id_gen" and hit enter. This will prompt a list of codes that will generate a Find your license code.

Here is an example of the Code List:

5) Now you will use associated code with id_gen.

Example: Deactivating a Fingerprint Extractor looks like this id_gen -rfpe

6) For safety you will be prompted "Deactivate license? (Y/N)". Please answer "Y". It would be impossible to continue using this license on this computer after deactivation.

7) The file "" will be generated in the Activation folder as result. Please send this file to us along with original license ".lic" file.

8) Once we receive this, we will reset the original serial # which will allow you to generate a new hardware Id to activate a new license file.

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