Manual Serial License Activation (Neurotec Biometric 5.0 Activation Wizard)

Modified on Fri, 02 Jun 2023 at 02:25 PM

Steps to Activate a Serial License Manually:

 1)      Start the Activation Wizard located in the SDK folder:

Example: “Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_SDK\bin\Win64_x64\Activation”

                        (Note: Replace “Win64_x64” with your correct Operating System)

2)      Click on “Add License” on the first screen of the Activation Wizard

3)      Enter the Serial Number provided by Fulcrum Biometrics under the section “Enter Serial Numbers”; Click “Finish”

4)      The Serial Number will turn Green; Click “Next”

5)      Click on “Show Hardware ID” (this will pull up a separate window); Click on “Save” and save the file to a convenient location

6)      Transfer the file you saved to a computer that has internet access. Send the file in an email to . Once we receive the Hardware ID we can generate a .lic file to email back to you.

7)       Save all received license files to the Activation Folder

8)      Start a Command Prompt as Administrator (Right click on “Command Prompt” and choose “Run as Administrator”)

9)      In the open Command Prompt Window, type “CD PATH”, where PATH is the full path to the Activation Folder; Press Enter

Example: cd “Program Files\Neurotec_Biometric_5.0_SDK\bin\win32_x86\Activation”

10)      Now that you are in the location of the Activation Folder on the Command Prompt, type “pg.exe –install” (without quotes); Press Enter

11)  If License Service started without an issue, you will see the following output:

          Stopping Service…

          Service unregistered

          Installing Service..

          Starting Service..

          Service registered

12)   Your license has now been activated.

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