FbF® bioClient Configurations

Modified on Fri, 02 Jun 2023 at 02:29 PM

FbF® bioClient (Listener) Configurations:

After the Listener is installed, the application will start up and you will see an icon in the lower right corner in the system tray.

If you installed the listener and you do not have the licenses activated yet, you will see a red circle with an exclamation on the Listener Icon. You will also see this if there is any error with the Listener:

Once the licenses are activated (or the Listener is pointing to the license server), you will see a yellow circle on the Listener icon. This circle will display a number indicating the number of devices detected. For example, there is a number 1 in the circle below indicating the 1 scanner that is connected.

To make any configuration changes to the Listener, you will need to right click on the Listener icon and a menu will pop up.

The Statistics will show you helpful information for the Listener, such as which Licenses are available, which Devices are available, and some general status information.

Configuration is where you will make important changes to the Listener.

When you click on Configuration, it will open a new window on the General Tab. Here you can decide whether you want the Listener to start automatically when you turn on the machine. You can also turn On/Off Logging.

The License Tab is very important. During installation, you had the option to input a Server Address and Port Number. If you need to change this information, you would change it here. The License Tab is also where you will choose which modalities you will be using under “Required Licenses”. For example, if you are using an Iris Scanner, you will want to check off “Devices Iris”

For any changes made in Configuration, you will need to restart the Listener for these changes to take effect. This can also be done from the pop up menu.

Scan Preview is a built in tool that you can use to test your devices.

With Scan Preview you can test Fingerprint Scanners, Palm Vein Scanners, LiveScan Devices and Multiple Finger Scanners, Cameras, Iris Scanners and Signature Pads.

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