FbF LiveScan: Device Not Found

Posted 11 months ago by Kathleen Erickson

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Kathleen Erickson Admin

PROBLEM: You have started a livescan record and have completed the demographics screen but when you progress to the fingerprint screen you get an error that the device is not found. 

SOLUTION: These are the steps to fix this problem.

1. Save and exit from the Record.

2. If you are not logged in as an Admin, in the FbF LiveScan application, you need to log out and then log in with an Admin account.

3. Click the Configuration tab on the home screen.

4. Click the Device Manager on the left-hand side of the screen.

5. Make sure the settings are exactly the same in both columns. When the device is not found, it is usually because the left column is empty. Simply type in the missing information and select the 4 Finger Image size from the dropdown list. 

6. Save.

7. Exit application and then re-open the application. This issue should now be resolved. 

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