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Next Steps after Purchasing FbF LiveScan
Posted by Aaron Adams on 14 March 2023 02:08 PM

Next Steps: BEFORE you schedule software installation and/or configuration services: 

  • Purchase and have on hand non-greasy hand lotion, such as St. Ives Daily Hydrating Lotion or Cornhuskers lotion.
  • Purchase and have on hand Windex (with Ammonia) and soft microfiber cloth used for cleaning the scanner glass.
  • If you purchased Print-to-Card or FFL, you will need to purchase and have on hand FD-258 fingerprint cards v.11-01-2020. You can purchase these in bulk on Amazon or Crime Scene.
  • If you will be transmitting fingerprint records electronically, you need to make sure the receiving agency has provided your configuration details. Contact your sales rep if you are not sure if configuration details have been received.

Once you receive the system and have (1) the applicable supplies mentioned above on hand and (2) received your configuration details, you can submit a ticket in our helpdesk (  to schedule your installation and/or configuration appointment. Please check the attached copy of our HelpDesk User Guide.

 fulcrum helpdesk getting started guide.pdf (508.85 KB)