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FDLE LiveScan Registration Process
Posted by Aaron Adams on 29 June 2021 04:53 PM

FDLE Registration Process

  • You will need to send an email to FDLE   to request their application package to become a Registered LiveScan Submitter. Charlie will reach out to you and will probably ask you some questions to see if you have done your own due diligence on the demand for fingerprinting services in your area.
  • You will be sent a site survey by your Fulcrum Account Representative to capture some additional information we need for the configuration of your software.
  • A member from our technical support team will install and configure your software before we ship if you are buying a computer from us. If not, we will ship your hardware and will remotely install and configure the software on a computer you provide.
  • Once you receive the hardware, we will have you schedule a time for us to program any final configuration information that needs to be applied prior to a cert test with FDLE. Please contact your Fulcrum Account Representative if you need guidance on how to submit a ticket in our helpdesk.
  • Once post-shipment configuration has been applied, we will schedule a cert test with you and FDLE.
  • Once the system test is completed, we will schedule a time to train you on how to use your new system and we will also provide fingerprinting best practices training.
  • After the system test, you should receive a call from eGov to complete your account setup. They should have sent you multiple forms to complete. If you have not heard back from eGov within 1 week of complete the Cert Test with Charlie, please call eGov at 850.410.8161 to get a status update.
  • We will help you get listed on FDLE and AHCA’s lists of Registered LiveScan Submitters to give you exposure as a fingerprinting service provider if you want to be listed. Please contact your Fulcrum Account Representative for guidance.