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Florida Livescan Submitters FAQs
Posted by Kathleen Erickson on 19 August 2020 05:16 PM

This article will seek to answer many of the frequently asked questions by newly certified Florida Livescan Submitters. If you don't find an answer that you are looking for as it relates to livescan fingerprinting in Florida, please send an email to your account rep or to We are all very happy to help you.

Q1. Where can I find information about fingerprinting fees?

FDLE posts its fingerprinting fees here:

We also recommend that you bookmark this page:;jsessionid=f_WeaSKy0m7VivWwdP4CO_klFMrQgYBmLduQiHvt.KANSASSECONDARY?0 

When someone comes to you to be fingerprinted, they must have an ORI code. You will enter that ORI code into your data fields in the livescan software and also into this search tool. This will tell you what fees must be collected from the applicant. You will want to add your fingerprinting service fee to the fees indicated in the search tool and you should add taxes too if applicable. 

Q2.  What should I do if someone comes to me and says they don't have an ORI code?

You should tell them to find out from their employer or agency what the ORI code is because you cannot fingerprint them without it.

Q3.  Why can't AHCA find the applicant's fingerprint record?

The main reason this happens is that the livescan operator forgets to enter the applicant's SSN. While FDLE doesn't require the SSN to be entered, AHCA does. 

Q4.  What do I do if I have a technical support issue?

Please submit a ticket through for any technical issues you are experiencing. Also send an email to your Fulcrum Account Representative so we account reps can be made aware of your ticket and followup as necessary.