MobileOne QuickDock Scanning Issues
Posted by on 02 November 2017 12:57 PM

- Last Revised by Salvador 1/27/2023

At some point you will probably encounter an issue while acquiring a fingerprint image.

This page will document the most common causes.


Lines in Fingerprint Image:

Lines in Fingerprint

This issue is usually caused by damage to the sensor. This type of damage is usually caused by pressing too hard, dropping or striking the mobileOne. The lack of visible damage to the sensor surface does not rule out physical damage. Sometimes you will see damage, but sometimes you will not.

Testing for this issue if very straight forward. Make sure the sensor is clean and free of debris and retest fingerprint acquisition. If you continue to see lines in the prints you will need to contact your mobileOne representative (New Memorials Direct or Meadow hills) or Fulcrum Biometrics if unit was purchased directly from our inventory.

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