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FbF® bioClient License Error
Posted by on 10 November 2016 02:53 PM

License Error using FbF® bioClient


Are you seeing a license error message like the ones below? This happens when our licensing server is not running. This can happen due to a Windows update or program conflict. 



  1. First ensure your USB Dongle is plugged in. There should also be a solid green light on the tip of the device.
    If you do not see a light try a different USB Port. If you still do not have a light turning on call (210)257-5616 and select option 2.

  2. Download this file located here

  3. Right click on the downloaded file and choose "run as administrator".

  4. After the setup promp opens, click on "Install".

  5. The entire process will take less than thirty seconds. There will be a progress bar which will inform you of the status of the repair tool.

  6. When the setup file is completed you will see a Completed message. Please click on the "Close" button.

Your FbF® bioClient should be working now. If you are still having problems please call our technical support department at (210)257-5615 and select option 2. Please mention you have attempted the steps in this guide.