FbF® mobileOne App
Posted by on 23 October 2015 12:02 PM

FbF® mobileOne App Version 2.0 for iOS:

To download the free FbF® mobileOne demo app, go to the App Store on the iOS device and search “mobileOne”.

Once the app is downloaded, launch the app, and you will see the screen below.

Figure 1. Connect the Device

Once you plug in the mobileOne QuickDock to the iOS device, you will see the print capture screen.

You can now capture a print.

Figure 2a. Ready to Capture

Figure 2b. Capture Complete

If you click on the info button on the bottom right, you will be able to view the QuickDock’s battery percentage and battery voltage:

Figure 3a. Info Page

Figure 3b. Settings Button

The settings button is in the bottom left corner. This is where you will choose how to save your prints.

When you first enter Settings, you will need to enter a Device ID and an Operator Name. Click on the arrow to the left of Configuration to exit settings. If you do not wish to save your prints, select “Don’t” option.

Figure 4. Don't save scanned prints

Saving Prints to File

You can choose to save the prints to the iOS device using the “File” option.

Figure 5. Save to File Setting

Figure 6. Capturing Print to File

Figure 7. File Saved

To retrieve a print that is saved to the iOS device, plug the iOS device into a computer then launch iTunes. The prints are automatically titled as the date and time you saved the print.

With the iOS device plugged in and iTunes running, please complete the following steps to access your prints:

  •          Click on your device in the upper right corner of iTunes. 
  •          Click on “Apps”.
  •          Scroll Down to the bottom to “File Sharing”.
  •          Click on “mobileOne”.
  •          You will see your prints listed under “mobileOne Documents”

You can save the print to your computer from here and change the file name as needed.

Figure 8. Retrieving Prints from iTunes

Emailing Prints

You can choose to send the captured print to an email address.

Figure 9. Email Print Settings

Figure 10. Capturing Print to Email

You can enter additional information in the subject or body of the email.

Figure 11. Emailing Print

Uploading Prints through FTP

You can also choose to upload the prints through FTP.


Figure 12. Uploading Print to FTP Setting

Figure 13. Capture Print for FTP

Figure 14. Print Upload Started

Figure 15. Print Upload Complete