Activate a Serial Number License
Posted by on 06 November 2014 02:51 PM

- Last Revised by Salvador V. 1/27/2023


Activating a License using a Serial Number:

1)      Start the Activation Wizard located in the SDK folder: Example “Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_SDK\bin\Win64_x64\Activation”

(Note: Replace "Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_SDK" with correct SDK version and “Win64_x64” with your correct Operating System) 

2)      On the First Screen of the Activation Wizard, click on “Add Licenses”:

3)      Enter the Serial Number or Numbers provided from Fulcrum Biometrics; Click “Finish”

4)      The Serial Number will turn Green; Click “Next”

5)      Click “Activate”

6)      Once the Activation Process is finished, you will see the Status change to “Activated”: Click “Finish”

7)      You will be taken back to the first screen of the Activation Wizard with your Activated Licenses listed:

8)      The Serial Number License is now Activated

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