Process to Update Dongle
Posted by on 03 November 2014 12:51 PM

Process to Update Licenses on your Dongle:

 In order to update your Dongle, you will need the following:

  • The Dongle to be updated must be plugged into the machine
  • You will need the latest version of the Dongle Updater Tool, found here: Dongle Updater Tool
  • You will need to know your ticket number(s)

Here are the steps to update your Dongle:

1) Run the Dongle Updater Tool with the Dongle to be updated attached to the machine

2) Select the Radio Button “Automatic Mode”; then click “Next”

3) Enter your ticket number (Example: 1234ABC); Click “Find”

4) Click “Next” until the process is complete

5) Repeat these steps for each ticket you have.

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